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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


On 1 April 2010 - Starlicious and Edith Venter co-hosted the CANSA Keurboom Interim Home's Night of Stars. The evening turned out to be an enormous success and the Radisson Blu Hotel was filled with delightful people in support of the interim home. Much needed funds were raised and the entertainment included Cathy Specific and Garth Taylor.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

NIGHT OF STARS Keurboom Cansa Interim Home Fundraiser Dinner

Starlicious Lifestyle Events and Edith Venter in co operation with Savile Row Auctions and the Radisson BLU Hotel in Sandton, have come together to host a fundraiser charIty dinner in aid of the Keurboom Cansa Interim home for patients in Belgravia JHB.

Acclaimed South African singing sensation Garth Taylor will be the star vocal performer for the evening, with the infamous Cathy Specific playing hostess to the arrival lounge. Keeping guests well "oiled" with soothing music, the young Student Jazz ensemble Motswako will perform in the arrival area too.

Besides an array of prizes to be won, the sharpwitted and highly entertaining Joff Van Reenen from Savile Row auctions, will have guests throwing their hands in the air to bid on the sensational auctionable lots. All proceeds go to the Keurboom Cansa Interim Home for Patients.

To book your seat at this fabulous event, contact Edith Venter on : 011 783.5887 or on Tickets and seats are limited and cost R 450.00 each including a sensational Dinner by Gastronomic guru Paul Gindra Executive Chef of the Radisson Blu Hotel in Sandton and the new restaurant VIVACA.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Hello Friends

To start this newsletter we wish to apologise to all our clients and suppliers alike.

After a renovation at the building where we housed our offices, all cables for telephones were accidentally removed. After weeks of frustration, and the obvious need for more space, we have finally accepted to move our design and admin office. We are awaiting new lines and beg your indulgence until this is done. We will publish our new numbers as soon as we have them and many will be notified by email or publication of the new details: In the meantime, please use the cell number: 072 345 1456 if you wish to contact us telephonically. Thank You.

As we feel the winter settling in, the air cooling and the dry weather arriving, I’d like to recommend a few sensational ideas to warm up your winter living.

Divine Decor: Sexy & Sensational

The decor scene sees new metallic colours and textures, a welcome return to metallics and retro fabrics ensures we have lots of gold, bronze, silver, pewter, and metallic finishes in any colour you like.
Linens, Silks and Vinyls feature hugely from embroidered fabrics and textures to weaves with hints of lurex and metals. Glamorous and sexy is the order of the day and whether you are funishing your home or designing a sexy table setting for your wedding day, feel free to add a bit of glamour with the latest in new and glamorous fabrics.

Whole Food: Going Organic at Blu Bird

With healthy living comes the importance of organic foods. Oh how I have so longed for a fresh produce market that compares with the incredible markets abroad. The Blu Bird Shopping Center in Bramley Gardens, near Atholl, just off Corlett Drive , hosted by the incredible Robyn Higgins, offers shoppers a sensational organic food market on Sunday Mornings. Everything from fresh herbs and spices to canned and preserved foods, fresh delicious muffins and baked goods, smoked meats and more...My personal favourites are the awesome Balsamic reductions and frozen soups available, and just after finishing my breakfast, I love browsing the various vendor's delicious produce and finding my new indulgence in organic, home made or freshly grown produce.

This month its duck... free range duck produce which includes:

1.Herb and duck liver pate,
2.Duck pate with orange.
3.Con fit .
4.Smoked duck pieces.

Robyn Higgins has succesfully attracted a host of vendors who deliver on their promise and I certainly encourage you to discover the delicious produce available. Well Done!

Party Favours: Giving a Gift of Love:

If you are getting married and you are up in arms about what to do for party favours, here is some inspiration of delectable goodies available from Starlicious Lifestyle Events. Email us on for more info...


Luxurious silk pashminas are great to beat the chills at a wedding and available in silk / cotton in many colours to match your decor and wedding scheme.

An outright hit as gifts for the ladies, is offering high quality pashminas with a personalized Thank You note from the two of you.

Not only is this a fashionable gift they would treasure but it will also keep them warm during the later part of the celebration.

Hip Flasks

Gentlemen guests may appreciate a stainless steel hip flask filled with a special South African Brandy or Whiskey.

They could either be engraved or personalized with a thank you note from both of you and come in a variety of different styles and sizes, to suit your budget.

La Petit Wedding

A delightful petit 'Wedding Cake' gift box, hand made and trimmed with lace, satin ribbons, satin bows and pearls!

This is a 2 piece set up box holding 1 Chocolate Truffle or 2 small Chocolates. Minimum order quantity applies, price inclusive of imported Chocolates.

Fabulous Friends : Photographer - Riaan van der Merwe

We recently found a sensational photographer-friend. Riaan's work is cool and fresh and he has a great eye for detail. So if you don't want to miss that fun shot, or that detail shot, or if you just want someone who subtly and creatively gets that great portrait shot of you and your loved ones on your special day, we reccomend you consider working with Riaan. His work is accomplished and he has a wonderful way of making you feel relaxed and beautiful. You can contact him by sending us an email on , and we will gladly put you in contact with him.
Our affiliation with long time friend Edith Venter, who now heads up "The New Global Web" - Marketing department of Corporarate Constellations Pty Ltd, started by the ambitious and succesful wonderwoman, Charlotte Friedrichs- has proven to be a sensational one. Edith Venter, now editor of C- Magazine adds this glamorous portfolio to her already awesome resume of accomplishments...:

"C-Magazine leads the way in inspiring, entertaining and informing the wealthy elite of South Africa. They are the magazine in South Africa that focuses on exceptional people doing extraordinary things, on leading products, services and destinations. C-Magazine celebrates the good life, with a minimum circulation of 30 000 copies and thus a reach to over 90 000 (@ 3 readers per copy) professional decision makers across South Africa.
C-Magazine is dedicated entirely to the interests of living the good life. Our readers purchase quality vehicles, products and services without compromise. This publication is sent to the Corporate Constellations’ Members, circulated to the wealthy and made available through retailers to those that aspire to the good life! From society news and hot International trends to the latest entertainment, from home decor to the best places to eat, from fashion to air travel, if the affluent are doing it, C-Magazine has it all! C-Magazine is the most targeted magazine that you will ever encounter in your marketing mix! With the foundation distribution penetrating over 91% of an LSM over 8, the advertiser is guaranteed results, with a direct line to South Africa’s leading individuals. C-Magazine is a publication that is informative, professional and entertaining all at once.".....Edith Venter.

We have recently become Star Partners of Corporate Constellations Pty Ltd and will soon be showcased on their website at we encourage you to check it out.

We at Starlicious Lifestyle Events wish you all a warm and safe winter season. Feel free to send us any tips/ recipes or interesting news to share with our readers.
Warmest Wishes
Craig Whitehead

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Fab Friends - Colours Hair Grafix are running some awesome specials for the start of April. The team of hair stylists have over 40 years in hair styling collectively and they are open from Tues - Saturday. Five Stylists are available by appointment to pamper your hair and a make up artist and nail technician are also available by special arrangement and appointment. They will soon be opening their doors to a small studio in Highlands North to pamper people on a one to one basis. Contact them on 011.624.2065 or 011.614.9797

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jan / Feb 2009 Newsletter

2009 - The Year Ahead

Hello Friends
A new year has started and we are likely to all be feeling a bit odd with the promises, resolutions and financial pinch. This is the year to reign in the spending, but why not take the opportunity to focus on you, your home and your family? Less eating out and more entertaining at home or sharing a casual get together celebrating friendship.
This may result in a year filled with kindness, friendships and a stronger bond or connection with someone we care about. Over the next few months, I will be sharing some sensational ideas with you for entertaining at home. Why not set some time aside to ensure we get our lives in order first and make way for the coming year? This issue is dedicated to starting over with fresh ideas and resolutions in 2009.
For the most part, I’ve hit the food plan with a vengeance and we are so happy to announce the addition of a new special friend to the Starlicious team who will be sharing some incredible ideas and recipes with you. So log onto to find out what these are.

ANTHONY BARNETT (Master Chef & Caterer)

I am thrilled to announce the addition of Anthony Barnett, a celebrated local award winning chef, and a good friend of mine, to the Starlicious team. As our resident chef and gastronomic genius, we can look forward to a bumper year filled with exciting food ideas and special meals to share with your loved ones and colleagues. Anthony has worked in some of the finest restaurants and hotels including The Wanderers Club, Georges on 4th, Rocotillos, Tables and Martha’s Vineyard




Inspired by Style, Created with Passion
We proudly announce the formation of a new Interior Design Division headed by Craig Whitehead from Starlicious Lifestyle Events. “The name Niche says it all ,” says Craig … “ its who I’ve worked for, who we are and what work we prefer to attend to.” Our Niche division in Lifestyle and Interiors will feature projects we have worked on and are working on. As a “NICHE” division we will concentrate on high end Executive appointments in Residential, Corporate and Leisure arenas. Craig’s work has become synonymous with Style and Good Living over the years and he will continue to consult in this field for Starlicious Lifestyle & Events. For enquiries or a consultation—call Craig Whitehead on 072 345 1456. N


COLOURS HAIR GRAFIX—has undergone an incredible image conver­sion. The new salon boasts luxurious finishes and bold bright colours. After a dreadful robbery in 2008 where the salon was completely cleaned out one Friday night, the Salon decided to make use of the opportunity to replace old with new and welcome back their long standing clientele. With the help of style guru and interior designer, Craig Whitehead, a rich turquoise blue and beige was uniquely com­bined with deep tones of chocolate and white to create a salon that is not only bold, but every bit as practical and glamorous as its owners. Contact : Adeline at Colours Hair Grafix on: 011.624.2065 for an ap­pointment **** great prices, great service and great value. The New look salon for Colours Hair Grafix is inspiring and beau­tiful. Just as you deserve to feel when you leave.

The Party is Over!Swinging back into 2009 with New Life

The new years' arrived and we are most of us back at work and rolling into the fast pace life we led last year. The party is over for most of us and its time to dump those calories and burn up the indulgences of a holiday past, before we become trapped in the same habits we need to break.
Here are some important tips for anyone keen to change their lifestyles and opt for a healthier year ahead.
Diet: A healthy life is 20% hard work and exercise and 80% diet. So be sure to check the calorie intake, read the ingredients and dietary information on the food you buy and make a firm decision to be healthy with your diet.
Exercise: Hit the gym, work up a sweat and start a programme with a trainer for some added commitment.
Monitor your progress and your food intake to assist you with your diet and your will power. This will assist you to keep track and ensure your progress. Keep a journal and records your highs, lows and your hiccups along the way.


We have a new range of exciting hair products in stock. GLAMOUR is a range dusted with Gold Dust to add extra shine and sparkle on that very special occasion. Great for wedding hair and evening upstyles the range consists of a Mousse, Crystal hair Bath, Crystal Hair Mask, Sparkling ends finishing wax and a shine spray.

Available from Starlicious call: 072 345 1456. for orders and pricing.


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FABULOUS FRIENDS : Edith Venter - Schwartz

Edith Venter (Excerpt - Oshun Books)
Edith Venter is a celebrity divorcee, mother, events organiser and fashionista. Known for her style and impeccable taste, she is a regular face in the society pages of local newspapers and magazines. She first came into the public eye as the Sunday Times Best Dressed Woman in 1989, but who is the private person behind the public persona, and why has Edith Venter remained an enduring and popular presence in the world celebrity when others have faded into obscurity?
Now, for the first time, readers are afforded a rare glimpse into the life of this South African style icon. This book will dispel the myth that rich, famous people have everything there way, or that money can buy happiness. From extreme wealth to near-bankruptcy, from happiness to despair and back again, Edith's story proves that the art of good living is about much more than a hefty bank balance. As inspiring, warm and funny woman as the woman herself, this book is a must-read for anyone who has ever wondered what goes on behind the gilded doors of the rich and famous.

Edith Venter was recently appointed to the new luxury lifestyle web portal Corporate Constellations as their new Marketing CEO for JHB. Their star studded launch was held at Summerplace in Hyde Park in JHB last week Wednesday and Starlicious have pinpointed themselves as potential service members and partners to this prestigious new company.



The New Global Web & Luxury Lifestyle Company—CORPORATE CONSTELLATIONS appoints NICHE INTERIOR DESIGN to design its new corporate HQ in Bryanston, JHB . Craig Whitehead, our designer, will work closely with a number of the profile partners on the Corporate Constellations website , like Wetherlys and such to deliver an exciting office suite befitting the level and group image of this vibrant new company. Craig has worked closely with leading socialite and successful style icon, Edith Venter, the groups new Marketing Director for years, even on her own home. “Edith is simply the best to work for, she understands good taste and will not compromise her sense of style or her solid reputation in business. She will also not hesitate to recommend anyone she believes in and she is always generous enough to share the limelight.” says Craig Whitehead

On the 09 November 2009



Starlicious Lifestyle Events proudly played host at Shepstone Gardens, to the marriage union of Ian and Natalia Martens. Joined by family, celebrity friends and work colleagues, the radiant couple exchanged vows under the glass ceiling of an old Observatory chapel, standing ankle deep in rose petals. A delicately embroidered Duchess Satin gown by Julian ensured the bride looked every bit as regal as she truly was. Serenaded by the lively Jacques Lagesse, they were married and guests were treated to a delicious array of canap├ęs with a wine tasting and later a five course meal in the dining hall. Dining Tables were adorned with fresh imported peonies and soft pink roses. A romantic three tiered caked by fames couturier Franco Lambiase ensured the finishing touches to the toast before guests lit sky lanterns with wishes which they let into the night sky just before midnight.


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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


We at Starlicious Lifestyle Events have been moving studio to Kensington ,Johannesburg closer to our Salon - Colours Hair Grafix. We are in the process of renovations to create a small and intimate studio from which to work where we can serve you a glorious glass of champagne or tea, aherrm, whilst we sit back and talk about every little detail pertaining to your wedding.
One particular detail we wish to emphasise is the decor. This studio will offer all our brides to be a full resource of goodies and ideas for a wedding and or a special event party. From your invitations to the details of your flowers, tablesettings and more. This brings me to a discussion I had recently with a bride about the stresses of creating a table setting that works.
We have recently completed a wedding ( awaiting photos from our genius photographer in order to show you more) where the table setings were a real challenge. To add to the stresses of who sits where, we were serving a meal in a Chinese banquet fashion which as many of you may know, involved clumpy lazy susans and huge platters of oriental food. How do you make room for the pretty things which need to adorn your tables? Some Chinese people have a custom of dishing out cigarettes and beers at a wedding and this posed a particular challenge to us.
The beers were easy, they needed to be served chilled anyway so they could be served as people wanted them. Cigarettes are not everybodys forte. So we concealed them in beautiful silver boxes we once purchased from the christmas faire, now they looked like little gifts, rather than packs of cigarretes. It all takes a little thought and a little imagination. The first hard and fast rule with a table setting is:
THERE ARE NO RULES. Gone are the days of laying cutlery in eating order unless you particularly wish to serve a formal silver service. Nowadays we have been known to wrap cutlery in napkins, arrange them across the top of your plate, whatever takes your fancy. Flowers too should be taken a little more lightly. Nothing plucks my nerves more than a ghastly centerpiece with no thought, no practicality and no imagination. Opt for bounteaous blossoming blooms of flowers on a tall centerpiece or candlestick if you wish to stay purist and traditional, but ensure your guests can see each other and chat easily- or all you have done is waste money and distance your guests from having a fun time.
Look at the proportions of the room you are using, imagine the amount of centerpieces one will see when the room is full. Does it fit your scheme? Too much? Too little? How do they contribute to the romantic charm of the room? How do they proportion the elegance of the decor? Are they upstaging? All these factors play an enormous part in getting it right. Frankly I prefer to tone them down.
Once you add people all dressed differently, any room can look full and cluttered. Try to be smart. Just because you have a sensational budget (for those of you who do) doesnt mean you should waste it away on flowers that people will enjoy for a few hours and then have to turf or handout to strangers as they leave. Add fewer flowers in a transparent vase , with some water, add a few decorations like diamond baubles or a few leaves and create something special, unique and whimsical. In months ahead, I will be doing small video demos on our new website (launching June 2008) to show you how smarter one can be.
These video blogs will discuss everything from table centerpieces to fashioning your hair and make up for your special day. Moreover, if you have no imagination, then you need a planner, someone who can think outside of the box, someone you can trust to be creative and ingenius. There really is no point in thinking you may know more, just because you know what you want. “SMILE”. The Afrikaans say : “Goedkoop is duurkoop.” translated that means, cheap buying is expensive. Instead opt for 3 supergrade roses in a glorious crystal centerpiece than spend R 500 per arrangement for flowers that barely make it from the florist to the venue without drooping.
Ensure your florist shows you the mockup of your centerpiece and ensure he has booked your quality flowers well in advance.
Linen- Be clever, dont stare at boring old linen and think thats all you can do. I have purchased fabric from the decor suppliers, indian markets, drapers and tailors, even from a haberdashery that have caught my eye. Treat fabric like a painting on a wall, how it creates the entire starting point for everything to come in that room. An entire colour scheme for a wedding can come out of one piece of fabric you desperately love. You may even find yourself mixing colours and textures or patterns you never imagined possible, all from one piece of cloth.
Use one pattern at most two that compliment each other. one classic and one geometric, perhaps. We live in the age of Modern Glam, a sophisticated look without the frills, but with at least some of the pattern. Combine things that you love to create a look that is elegant and fresh. One that is uniquely - YOU. One client loved silver, so using RED as the base, we draped the entire room in Christmas Red fabric, ceiling included. Added the cutlery in silverware, we adorned the tables with red fabric, trimmed with red fringe. Red topiary wreaths everywhere including miniatures on the chair backs with chair ties, we made red balls of roses we perched on huge champagne troughs in silver as the centerpieces of the room. AWESOME was the result.
The red was the canvas to show off the silver. Everything from flowers to plates and glassware were Red, neautralising the whole room and showing off the silver… brilliantly. Sometimes a single element of colour or pattern is all you need. In design - “repetition brings rythm”, so rather than adding too many different things, try repeating what you have to create uniformity and elegance, be it a colour, an object, a flower, or a pattern. I promise you will astound yourself with the results. Let me know how you have succesfully created something different. I am sure many readers are keen to learn more. Thank you for this incredible site and a great way of chatting to you about how to get it right. Be blessed and do something wonderful for someone today.